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About Us

We are a distributor of local products

When people visit local hotels, spas, restaurants...you get the idea...they are interested in experiencing what that city, state or country has to offer.  We provide a way to search within 100, 500 or 1000 miles of you to see all the goods that are available and proven to be manufactured within that area.   

How it works

We create a custom order form based on the parameters you choose,  you order on your digital form and then each vendor drop ships directly to you.  This allows us to reduce shipping costs, our carbon footprint and it reduces shipping time.  


We offer a complete promotional marketing concept with our brand or a custom concept with yours.   Each program will provide an icon to distinguish local products, as well as a backstory for each product.   We also provide complete training for your staff and product education where it's needed.   


Be Local

We represent community events that connect companies at a local level.   


Sponsorships offer hands-on interaction with people. Depending on your company's goals, we tailor our sponsorships to match the right people with your product. 

Get Results

Offering a sponsorship without tangible  benefits is not an option.  If our client's events won't meet your goals, we won't recommend them.  We deliver results. 

Why local?

Cost reduction

The cost of transporting goods is not just fuel, but also manpower and equipment and storage.

Selling your area

The plants, the food, the aroma, the people, the hospitality...the vibe.  It’s what you’re known for and how you flourish.  Drive home the local atmosphere with goods made locally.

Marketing 101

How are you unique? What large or small elements can only you provide? If your customers take home a gift for themselves or someone else, what clearly represents your location?

Carbon Footprint

Reduce transportation fuel consumption  by buying local.  For instance, reduce the carbon footprint of the food you eat by 7% by buying locally.

Bragging rights

Show your customers how engaged you are in your community.  Tell them about the local vendors you use.  Set an example by investing in your state, county, city or neighborhood.   

We are Local

Become a face to your clients, not just a logo.  Stand in front of them and tell them what you can do for them. Develop a partnership. Hire staff from their community and build trust in your brand.  

Contact Us

Drop us a line! Be sure to include your zip code in the Message section so that we can customize our response to your location.

We are Local

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